Ponder ponder

Worry. Rot.

Wander wander

Worry not.

Pander pander

Panda. Panda?


In chief

By all accounts, we have ourselves a villain.

Having played video games, we know villains..

We know their purpose is to strengthen our arm.

A hero cannot emerge from peaceful


A hero must slay, overcome, be tested.

Birthed in the flame of battle,

The hero rises unscorched and victorious.

The villain is perched, but does not wait.

Each day that passes is one day lost,

One day left in the fire to be consumed.

We who play video games know

We are hero.

Know we are destined to emerge victorious.

How then can we not act?

The villain’s mask is off,

And our world strides ever-closer to the villain’s

Outstretched and hungry claws.

It seems our only response is wide-eyed,

Self-righteous martyrdom to the flame.

Our ashes, we hope, will serve as reminder

To future generations not to fall prey.

Games, it seems, have taught us nothing




Have no place

Today I resolve to


boring. I spend the days these days thinking, my

mind circling like bored lions in a zoo.

I miss things.

I miss the very things that


be the backbone of my life because I feel this undue sense of responsibility

for the fun of others. Not today.

Today I will be a member of the audience.

I will not have the witty response.

With my mind empty of


others will be free to swim within its jelly.

I will remember what it is like to learn. The

oppressive inner mirror, ever reminding

me of the ugliness of my thoughts, will be

sold for a book on bird watching.

Things so trivial as my


ramblings have no place today. Today I am boring




They and we

Who wins the game of they and we

When all the blood is spilt?

One side ends up decimated

The other ends in guilt.

They and we have fought for always

Of our side we’re sure.

And of their side their faith is placed,

Convinced that they are pure.

What is found through all the fighting,

All the hours spent?

One side has more people left

The other is unbent





Five in the sky.

I see five airplanes all at once.

My city is a transit hub,

A between,

second in a long list of cities.

Wanting to be a hopeful nineteen or thirty-one maybe,


second place is the worst.

second place tried as hard as it possibly could, and found it wasn’t good enough,

Will never be.

Because first exists.


First was good that day,


Now, convinced of its own splendor,

Has only to lean back comfortably on the proffered laurels.

No need now to try.

second looks at this, their conqueror, and finds

After all

First does not care of this game.

Had not counted the tireless painful hours second had happily given.

Would happily give again.

First equated rank with importance,

And the very saddest thing about second, it agreed




A relaxing night in

What do I think will happen?


I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

I should just go

I’m going

I’m going to go

How far is it?

I mean, if it’s right off the train

What’s my excuse?

Why am I thinking of excuses?

Stop thinking of excuses

Cause I’m going

I said I would go

It will be fun

I’m going to have fun

It’ll definitely be fun

I’m excited to have fun

I feel like I haven’t had fun in a while

I mean, I’m fine

It’s just been..

I’m going

I’m going to go

What time is it?

I’m going to be late

I should go

I should go now

What do I think will happen?


______, the blind son born of all my days past.

He bides in the shadows of my eye’s corner,

My progeny,

As large and shameful as masturbation.

This boy ignored into existence and fed on lack,

He needs for nothing and no one.

The son, after all, becomes the father by example.

If I had known I was raising a child. If I’d only known.